10.00 am     Schools Art Crosses Competition           Children who have been decorating Crosses as part of our

                                                                                                       Schools Art Project arrive to display them.

11.45 am     Schools Art Crosses Competition           Display Closes and Judging begins 

11.50 am     Audience Gates Open                              The security barriers in front of the Stage are removed

                                                                                                      to allow a larger viewing area.

12 Noon      Pre-Passion Entertainment                     The Sweet Rhythm Big Band

12.30 pm     Pre-Passion Entertainment                     Presentation of Prizes for winners of the Decorated Crosses

12.45 pm       Pre-Passion Entertainment                     Trinity School Choir

1.10 pm       Pre-Passion Entertainment                     The Sweet Rhythm Big Band

2.00 pm       The Manchester Passion 2017                The Greatest Story Ever Told – Live Drama, Music and Voices

3.45 pm       Performance Ends                                   You are welcome to meet the cast or join us in the

                                                                                                       Reflections Marquee for prayers

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