Manchester Passion 2017  – Our Team

Atena Rabbany

Adminstrator: Atena Rabbany
07599 208096

Responsible for day to day mangagement.

Canon Falak Sher

Chairman: Canon Falak Sher
0161 881 1642

Priest in charge: St. Werburghs & Ascension church Hulme.

Geoff Millard

Creative Director: Geoff Millard
07973 621652

40 years theatrical experience. 100 productions plus. 2010 Director for Passion For Bolton.

Wayne Ellington

Music Director: Wayne Ellington
07947 499492

Manchester Inspirational Voices, BBC Songs of Praise – Gospel Choir of the Year 2016.

Fr. Omid Moludy

Committee member: Fr. Omid Moludy
07590 363221

Mission Support Priest for Cultural Diversity.

Margaret Solomon

Prayer and Feedback: Margaret Solomon
07792 210849

Has lived in Manchester for 10 yrs. Prayer makes a difference.

David Mackereth

Volunteer Event Manager: David Mackereth
07543 604220 | 0161 748 7296

With many public charity events under his belt.

Volunteer PR: Charis Angel
07841 574505

Charis is passionate about Passion Plays and is excited to be helping with the Manchester Passion.

Soibi Iketubosin

Treasurer: Soibi Iketubosin
07841 485104

Solicitor. Good at solutions for organisations. Speaks French and German.

Alex Stewart Clarke

Consultant: Alex Stewart Clark
07710 485264

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Fundraiser & Social Media: Zahid Hussein
07912 142481


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