Venue information – Cathedral Gardens, Manchester M4 3BG

  Come and join us on Saturday April 8th to witness an amazing production. Our 4 tier stage will be erected on the paving in the area adjacent to the rear of the Cathedral and Chethams School.

Come early to get the best view, although 2 large screens will relay the performance, so that wherever you are you will be able to enjoy the experience. It will be advisable to bring a bottle of water, warm clothing and maybe a folding chair.



All faiths and denominations, or persons of no faith are invited to hear the meaning of Easter & see the Passion story.

We wish all members of the public a safe & enjoyable event.



Manchester City Council, Manchester Police & Manchester Passion have planned this event so that the public have a safe & enjoyable day on Saturday 8th April.

Manchester Police commissioner & Mayor of Manchester will be present to witness the first community Easter Passion play for the City.

With good weather & excellent performances we hope it to be a successful event.

Site security, Police, Council staff, First Aid, Lost property, Lost persons services will be available to cover all eventualities.

 For your additional information Cathedral Gardens is a MCC public square. Queries related to

  • Police – please phone 101
  • Highways and Parking – Manchester City Council – 0161 234 4198
  • Accidents and Emergency – phone 999


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