Schools Art Project

Many Schools from around the Greater Manchester area have responded magnificently and are participating in our Schools Art Project. This project is an initiative aimed at spreading the vision of the Manchester Passion and was conceived by celebrated artist Daphne Stephenson.

Children from the participating schools have been supplied with small wooden crosses and asked to decorate them to illustrate our theme of “Hope for All”. The schools have highlighted the story of the Passion of Jesus (the events of Holy Week and Easter – his trial, death and resurrection) the greatest story ever told, a story which has shaped our nation and our understanding of life more than any other, with our special theme of ‘Hope for All’, involving the homeless, jobless and refugees.

The completed crosses will be displayed, by kind permission of the Football Museum, on its windows facing into Cathedral Gardens. Children will bring their crosses from 10am on the morning of Saturday April 8th and these will displayed and then viewed by the judges, which will include Baroness Williams and Daphne Stephenson. At 12.30 pm a prizes will be presented to the winners.

Crosses made by Year 6s at St James’ Primary School

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