Behind every great actor !

Ok, maybe I’m paraphrasing but for everyone who appears onstage we need important helpers behind the scenes, making sure the production runs smoothly. So if the thought of donning a costume and appearing in front of thousands of people makes your knees quiver, perhaps consider:

Stage management

Your role entails making sure that the disciples are ready for their scenes and on the right side of the stage. Also that members of the Sanhedrin are waiting so that as the disciples move off from the Last Supper, they enter to perform the scene that sees Judas agree to betray Jesus. You will help to move the properties and scenery on and off and have a wonderful sense of achievement when the production moves seamlessly and smoothly to its wondrous conclusion.

Properties Team

Help to obtain the many items of properties that add colour and character to the production. Source the platters and cups used at the Last Supper. Source the brazier that the members of Caiaphas the High Priest’s household warm themselves at, as they listen to Jesus being questioned by the Sanhedrin. During the performance be responsible to ensure that the right items are used in the correct scene.

Wardrobe Department

Be part of the team that sources and alters the many and varied biblical costumes that ensure that the characters look in period and the production as a whole looks professional and authentic. This will help make the narrative come alive for the spectators.

Directorial Team

Come along to help and assist our Creative Director as he moulds our cast into a team that will interpret the script, so that the message portrayed in the dialogue becomes meaningful to the assembled audience.

Come along any Tuesday or Thursday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm to meet the team or ring Geoff on 07973 621652 for more details


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