Schools Art Project

There is still time for your pupils to get involved in this exciting project for Manchester city this Easter.

The Easter play will be staged Saturday 8th April this year in the gardens of Manchester Cathedral at 2pm. It will be a free event for the public, opened by the Mayor & Baroness Williams of Trafford.
Schools are being asked to take a look at the story of the Passion of Jesus (the events of Holy Week and Easter – his trial, death and resurrection) the greatest story ever told, a story which has shaped our nation and our understanding of life more than any other, with our special theme of ‘Hope for All’, involving the homeless, jobless and refugees. Pupils are invited to paint a wooden cross signifying Hope. We will then display all the crosses before the Manchester Passion Play in the Cathedral Gardens on the morning of the 8th April in front of the press.

At 12 noon, the best 3 crosses will be chosen before the start of the play on April 8th in the Cathedral Gardens. At 12.30 prizes will be awarded, 1st prize £100, 2nd prize £50 and 3rd prize £25.  We ask either schools or parents and children to come with their crosses to the gardens from 10am so they can be hung from 10.30am prompt, for the public to see. You will be allowed to reclaim your cross either after the judging or at the end of the performance.
We will deliver your wooden crosses, all approximately 6” x 4”, to you free of charge as soon as we have had confirmation of your interest.

If you wish to know more please ring our Administrator, Atena on 07599 208096

Instruction Letter to Participating Schools

If your child has decorated a cross and you want clarification as to what to do on the day, click and download Letter to Parents

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